Can You Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One?


Microsoft Xbox One is a gaming console that comes with an x86-64 processor architecture. It is the successor of Xbox 360. It provides you with a lot of games and entertainment that you can enjoy at home with your friends and family.

Why is Xbox One Not Backward Compatible?

While buying Xbox One, you may hope that the vast collection of Xbox 360 games can now be played on your new gaming machine – Xbox One. Unfortunately the bad news is that the Xbox One gaming console does not support backward compatibility. This is simply because that both the gaming consoles- Xbox One and Xbox 360, are based on two different architectures. Xbox One uses the x86 processor; while the Xbox 360 console uses the PowerPC (PPC) architecture. The movement to x86 architecture from the PPC architecture is because of the less cost involved in it and the ease in development. This x86 architecture helps the developers to quickly create games across various platforms.

Not many people will be happy with the movement to x86 architecture. However, since the architecture of Xbox One is similar to that of computers and laptops, the porting of games from computers to Xbox One and vice-versa are relatively easy. This means it is not only beneficial for developers, but also the users. The new console provides a lot of interesting functionalities that would have been otherwise difficult in the older consoles. It will give the users the compelling and faster kind of gaming experience.

This would mean that the new Xbox One will only work for newer games. It was basically designed to give users an entirely new gaming experience.

If you have both the gaming consoles, you can be connected to both at the same time. To access your Xbox 360 console, connect the Xbox 360 to Xbox One using the HDMI input port provided with the Xbox One.

There are a lot of hoaxes available on the internet listing the instructions to be followed so that the Xbox 360 games can be played on Xbox One. Microsoft has warned its customers against following these pranks as it would mean that the gaming console would end up rebooting itself constantly.

To cater to the needs for backward compatibility, like Sony planned for PS4s, Microsoft has not plans of coming up with a streaming device for backward compatibility.

The similarity with the computers architecture provides a lot of benefits as compared to the cost involved in the purchase of new games. Though not all the Xbox 360 gamers may be convinced with this, but Microsoft has stated that they will come up with more interesting and popular games that will let users stream the games through the cloud. Net result of moving to a different architecture is the experience in playing better and interesting games.

In a nutshell, even if the Xbox One does not provide backward compatibility, it will definitely improve the entire gaming experience with a lot of other options.